Monday, October 29, 2012

Austin Book Fair

A friend let me know yesterday that Secret Agent Man's favorite author was at the Austin Book Fair doing a book signing.

Yup, Dave Pilkey of  the Captain Underpants fame was there.

Unfortunately, It was during the Halloween party and there was no way we would be canceling that.

We happened to be downtown Austin on Sunday and we stumbled upon the outdoor book fair on accident.

The very first tent we walked into was the children's books tent.

Secret Agent Man immediately found the Captain Underpants books.

He lifted up the 9th book in the series and excitedly exclaimed that it was "signed by the author!".  He could not believe that this signed copy was left behind.

We quickly snatched up this amazing find and were in line paying for it in no time.

He beamed for the rest of day, exclaiming how he would show everyone in class at school tomorrow.

We walked through the rest of the book fair, rolled down some hills (Secret Agent Man only, the adults abstained), walked through the grounds of the capital building

and watched the founder/owner of the Salt Lick BBQ restaurant make some food.  Most notably some peach cobbler.

After that cooking demo, we walked toward the food area and there before us was a food truck that Special Agent Dad and I had been trying to track down since our very first visit to Austin.


I was way too full from lunch still to order but, Special Agent Dad grabbed a kebab to take home for later.   Now, I am really craving that falafel wrap with hummus.....

Okay, he had a few bites right away and then saved some
Secret Agent Man and I danced to the local band playing in the next tent.  Beto y Los Fairlanes.  They were awesome!

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  1. Wow. What a thrill to find such a treasure.