Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Party

Secret Agent Man LOVES Halloween.  We all do!  I told him that this year he could invite 5 friends over for a Halloween Party.

He chose his friends and we sent out the invitations well in advance.

I was really going to try and do a healthier Halloween party.  Then, time got ahead of me and the night before the party I was at Target buying cheese puffs, ingredients for a super sugary punch and lots of other junk.

I planned a craft, a game and a food to decorate.  I figured these things would keep them busy for the two hour party and if they would rather play and ignore those things, that was fine also.

We were going to decorate a sugar cookie with frosting and sprinkles or cupcakes with the same and then I found these........

I thought these were super cute and the kids LOVED them.

Special Agent Dad was a ninja turtle, I was a werewolf (both picked up at Target last year when they were marked down 90% off), and Secret Agent Man was an "Indestructible Stone Samurai Warrior".  His friends showed up as: Boba Fett, A ninja, Spiderman, Swat team member and a ninja.  We were four ninja's deep.  I felt pretty "classic" in my werewolf getup.

00Dog was a bunch of grapes.  She looked like a member of the fruit of the looms crew.

We got to those ghouly pizzas after the witch's brew and some snacks.

The witch's brew was a recipe from a Halloween cookbook that Secret Agent Man bought years ago.  It was a mix of lime sherbet, frozen limeade and ginger ale.  Those 6 boys drank the entire bowl (complete with floating gummy worms).

They also snacked on popcorn sprinkled with orange sugar crystals, cheese and crackers, halloween gummy snacks and those HUGE pizza cookies.

After they ate, they ran.
They used that huge back yard of ours to run and run and run!

Then we played a game called Don't eat Pete!  I got the game from a The Teacher Wife .  We played that fun game with smarties instead of candy corns.  Unfortunately the game moves rather quick and it ended with most of the boys trying to cram way too much candy into their mouths.  Yet, they LOVED this game.  They were giggling with huge smiles and couldn't wait to scream out at each other.

We had a foam bat craft set out with googly eyes and stickers.  They made some really cute bat creations and then it was back out to the yard to run!  We ended up at the playground down the way and they played some hide and seek and chasing games until it was time to head home.

Special Agent Dad played a very special role in being the "chased".  He evaded them all once we left the confines of the yard.  They all had fun trying to catch him!

The kids left pretty quickly and we were left with one little Secret Agent moaning on the couch with a stomach ache.  I felt pretty bad about poisoning him with sugar.  There was just too much of it.

Next year or next party, I am definitely going to stick to one sugary treat and get creative with the rest.  One of the other boys mom gave me some great ideas like peeling a watermelon to resemble a brain and other fun stuff.

This party was fun!  I'm already planning the next one!

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